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ITEC is a Best Solution for Engineer & Construction.
We Are Specializing in constructing exclusive homes and corporate undertakings island-wide, ITEC Engineering is an experienced public and private contractor that emphasizes on quality constructions and efficient management of resources. Our commitment is that we consider all customers to be of high value; hence we listen to your needs and ensure that we clearly understand your requirements and concerns, prior to embarking on providing you with the best in service.

Company was established in 2013 by Mr. A S R WIMALARATHNE The core of the business is the construction of both buildings and infrastructure projects. We are well equipped to handle the smallest to the largest projects. As a multiple trade construction company we pride ourselves on our ability to work smoothly with clients, principle contractors and subcontractors to meet construction and design requirements.

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To be established as a market leader in all our spheres of activity and to continuously expand our operations through progressive diversification.

To establish and maintain operational stability through diversified interests, with an emphasis on constant market expansion.
To establish high growth businesses in Sri Lanka and across new frontiers, and become a globally competitive market leader in the region

To achieve excellence in a portfolio of diversified business activities.
To value all our employees, linking rewards exclusively with performance and respecting the right of each individual to opportunities for his/her career development within the organization.
To constantly reinvent our organization, embracing new technology and change, which will ensure that our various businesses’ performances are at the forefront of the industry.

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